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EU Support for SME

Research and innovation are becoming more and more international. Also on European level, there are numerous opportunities for funding of R&D which can be very attractive also for Swiss SMEs. The best-known of these programmes is probably the European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation-Horizon 2020.

Yet, to find the right programme element, the most appropriate call for proposals or the best cooperation partners is not always easy.

In order to find the right programme or the most appropriate call, please visit the Horizon 2020 participant portal.

In order to find the best cooperation partners, the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) could be of help. It is a business-support network of 600 member organisations in 50 countries that aims to facilitate transnational business-business and business-academia innovation partnerships. The Swiss EEN is one of these organisations that supports Swiss SMEs.

It manages a partner search platform/database that contains profiles of technology offers and requests from companies and R&D institutions from Europe. This can help you in finding the right co-operation partners in your sector of interest for business-business and business-academia partnerships, but can also help coordinators that would like to submit a proposal to an open Horizon 2020 call to find the right partners to complete a project consortium. 

SBA offers you professional advice on European R&D programmes and will guide you – depending on your needs and interest – to the contact points for your area either in Switzerland or in Brussels.
The new calls will be published mid or end of September 2015 by the European Commission on the participant portal .


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